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Thanks for visiting Carti Online. We’re a small business that sell and install toilets for our customers, as well as provide basic guides should they choose to do this themselves. Our online shop is coming soon.

A detailed look at toilets

Sanitary ware plays an important role in everyday life. Smelling great, and feeling fresh should be something we all aim to achieve. Modern toilets have built in bidets with water jets and dryers to help you achieve this. But what other features should we be looking for in a toilet? A closer look at several of the leading products gave us an insight into this.

Mounting type

Consumers will be presented with two different mounting styles in their search. Wall hanging toilets and floor mounted options. Both self explanatory, and both have their own pros and cons that may influence your decision. A floor mounted unit will be the natural choice for most buyers simply because this is how your old toilet was installed. We recommend sticking to floor mounting if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money. Wall mounting can cost consumers thousands in renovations. Whilst some toilet manufacturers have the tank built into the bowl, the majority of them require a carrier rack built inside the wall itself, which will hold the tank out of view.


You’d be surprised how often customers come to us after they have already purchased a toilet saying it’s too big for their bathroom. This is the exact reason why planning is so important. You need to know the minimum and maximum dimensions you’re working with, as well as your rough in size. Only then can you start shopping. Better yet, get a local plumbing professional to pay you a visit beforehand and allow them to make some recommendations based on their experiences.

Bowl size, shape, and height

Following on from the dimensions aspect of your research, you should now be thinking about how your toilet bowl is shaped, and how tall it is. You’ll find that consumers tend to favor elongated bowls over round bowls, with the most common reason given being improved comfort whilst seated. Then you have comfort height toilets. Toilet Advice say these are taller bowls that are ADA compliant and better options for people with bad knees or problems with mobility in general. A good way to gauge how tall a toilet bowl is and what category it falls into is by dividing products that fall under 17″ in height and those that are 17″ upwards. The latter are examples of comfort height toilet bowls.


If you ever see something with the label GPF, this is simply the amount of water used. It stands for gallons per flush, and is a key feature of any toilet. We place importance on products with a flush that meets WaterSense criteria (1.28 GPF and below). Alternatively, you can choose to go for 1.6 GPF units for the extra flushing power due to more water being released through the valve. It is entirely down to user preferences, but we recommend going with WaterSense toilets because they help a household save thousands upon thousands of gallons every year.

Dual flush?

You may of seen or used dual flushing mechanisms before. They give people the ability to use more or less water dependent of the type of waste they are handling within the bowl. There is a common misconception that these are not environmentally friendly, and that may of been the case in the past, but nowadays, flush innovation has improved so much that many dual flush systems meet Watersense criteria for the Environmental protection agency.


With so many toilet brands on the market, how do you pick the best one? Well it’s difficult, but through experience, we’ve formed our own opinions on the matter. This could well vary depending on the person you ask. I personally know people who prefer American Standard, others Kohler. But myself, I’d like to throw TOTO into the mix. I’ve never ran into any defects when fitting them and customer complaints are few and far between. Keep an eye on these key features and you are putting yourself in a stronger position to find a great toilet for your bathroom. Ensure the flushing performance, comfort, and efficiency is in place before you make any decisions.